Age old question are you traveling for business or pleasure

When people are trying to make polite conversation with me on a plane or on some other mode of transport I always get asked if my trip is for business or pleasure. Which I always find interesting as it seems that it has to be one or the other. We all know that the end game should be that the business you are a part of is something you enjoy as well as being something you can do from anywhere so you can be geographically independent. For me, most of the time I have a destination in mind and then I try to create work that either takes me there or means I have to be there for some other reason.

It surprised me greatly on my recent trip to Australia how many people said, “Why do you want to go there?” For me, it is a no-brainer it is a continent I have yet to explore and has been on my hit list for a while. Plus really Koalas!?!?! That is one of the plus points about being semi-geographically independent.
Whenever I do answer the business or pleasure question it really depends on who I am talking to and if I really want to have a  conversation with them. I generally consider myself to be an introvert so there is nothing worse than someone trying to strike up a conversation at the start of a 13 hour flight. However, my general answer is normally framed as follows. “Both I like to travel but I also created some work to do while I am there” Creating work can come in many different forms. What work means to some people might not be what work means to me.
The follow-up question normally is so what do you do. The answer to this can often lead people down many different rabbit holes. General I am very bad at talking about the main work that I do and to be honest it really does not sum me up as a person. However this is part of what makes up standard questions that people ask when they don’t know you. Generally I will say HR Consultant and they will go ah so you are a recruiter. My response general straight to the point. If I was a recruiter I would have told you I was a recruiter however I told you I was a HR Consultant. If you do not know that HR is more than recruiting then you and your company or the company you work for have a huge problem on your hands.
At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to answer this question but maybe people should be more open to the fact that someone else’s answer might not fit into the two options given to them.
How do you answer that question?

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