Another way to get TSA pre-check

As a non-USA citizen who is not enrolled in Global Entry, I don’t really have the option of getting TSA pre-check. However, there is another way. Why would you want TSA pre-check?

The need for speed! With TSA pre-check and a well-planned airport, you get the following:

  • You get to use special marked lanes at airport security
  • You get to leave your shoes and light jackets on,
  • You get to keep your laptops in your bag (which I do anyway with a TSA approved laptop bag)
  • You get to keep your little baggy of liquids in your bag

All of these little things can add up to less time needing to be spent at the airport

Now if you are a USA citizen, permanent resident or enrolled in Global Entry then I suggest to go to the TSA site and sign right up. The other thing you can do is use Orbiz for all of your travel booking, stay 12 nights or more per year in a hotel and become a platinum member. If you do this it gets you TSA pre-check.


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