Are Hotel Rooms Just For Women As Safe As They Appear?

woman-410320_1280So the new trend in hotels is rooms designed specifically for solo women travelling, with the aim of keeping them safe. Sounds like a great idea, right? On the surface, I certainly think so, but do they work out as well as they should?
The hotel where this concept has started is the Dukes Hotel in London. As a part of this program, they will ensure that solo women travellers will have their room service delivered by a female employee, and that corner, discrete seats will be offered in the dining room. According to the market research the hotel has conducted, this is what people want.
On top of that, they have also found that the perks women would like in their rooms include fresh flowers, glossy lifestyle magazines, and high quality beauty products. Now this might be the case, but isn’t it a little stereotypical? Some women might prefer beer and newspapers to be left in their rooms! To be perfectly honest, I’m quite happy with free Internet and water as the perks within the hotel rooms I stay in.
This stereotyping isn’t actually a new trend in hotel rooms. Virgin hotels have been known to offer increased closet space for solo female travellers, and the Hamilton Crown Plaza in Washington DC has created quite a marketing campaign out of it. However, there are much better and subtler ways to protect female guests, including:
• Not saying room numbers aloud at check in.
• Putting elderly guests lower down in the hotel in case of evacuation in an emergency.
• Offering rooms in well lit hallways.
Now there is no denying that solo female travellers do need to be protected – there have been many cases of terrible things happening, with the statistic that that are 5.6 times more at risk than men when it comes to sexual assault – but it does not need to be done in a stereotypical, demeaning way which is more about public relations than guest safety. The idea is a good one, and it can be done right so long as the hotel cares enough to do so.


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