Airport and Life Crossover

Travelling and seeing the world will open your eyes to many amazing things that you didn’t even know existed. There is no way that you can go through it without learning a thing or two and changing as a person as you go. If you don’t grow up and shift your attitudes in the face…

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10 ways to stay tech secure whilst travelling

Keeping safe whilst travelling is often a high priority, but people can forget to worry about their technology too. According to Business Reporter, a 18% of people are targeted for cyber crime whilst abroad – which shows you how much of an issue this is. Here are some tips to help you protect yourself: 1.…

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Warnings about Working in Coffee Shops

Yes, yes I know it is a picture of tea but I don’t drink coffee! We have all done it. Booked a place to stay and discovered that the internet is not what you need it to be so in desperation you go to the nearest coffee shop to have a meeting or to get…

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Another way to get TSA pre-check

As a non-USA citizen who is not enrolled in Global Entry, I don’t really have the option of getting TSA pre-check. However, there is another way. Why would you want TSA pre-check? The need for speed! With TSA pre-check and a well-planned airport, you get the following: You get to use special marked lanes at…

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Cooking Abroad

One of the things I really love to do when I am in a new country is to go on a cooking class. Finding classes can sometimes be easy and sometimes more challenging.  I try to look for ones that include a trip to a local market. I look for this because I like going…

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