You won’t guess which airport I like sleeping in…

I have reached the stage in my travels where it is not often that I actively make the choice to sleep in an airport. Airports can have bad or no wifi, nothing is open and sometimes they can be a bit creepy. However, on a trip back from Aisa this time I decided I wanted…

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Age old question are you traveling for business or pleasure

When people are trying to make polite conversation with me on a plane or on some other mode of transport I always get asked if my trip is for business or pleasure. Which I always find interesting as it seems that it has to be one or the other. We all know that the end…

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Seat Map from Seat Guru

How I Pick my Seat on a Plane

I love to travel. I am not yet over the excitement of looking out of an airport window at the giant engineering feat of a plane I am going to board which will take me to another place as well as enable me to time travel. However most of the time this is because I…

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Photo from Qlogic

Nail Clipping is Not a Social Activity

I know that a lot of cultures a different and do things in different places but one thing that still blows my mind is how people can clip their nails in public. I have had it happen on a bus, at the office and then to top it all of a few weeks ago in…

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Don’t be that person!

There is a reason why my carry on is only a backpack. I am short and the thought of having to lift a 12-16kg case above my head to try and get it into a space that I can’t really reach without damaging myself or someone else is not a risk I am willing to…

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