Cooking Abroad

One of the things I really love to do when I am in a new country is to go on a cooking class. Finding classes can sometimes be easy and sometimes more challenging.  I try to look for ones that include a trip to a local market. I look for this because I like going where the locals might go to get their food and it is one way of seeing what all the local fruits and vegetables look like, along with prices.



First of all depending on where I am staying I will ask for recommendations. Especially if I am staying in an Airbnb. The next place I look for information is on Trip Advisor. You can normally find cooking classes under activities. I take a look at people’s reviews, how recent they are, where the reviewers come from and their expectations. If there are bad reviews I try and see if it is a one off or if there is a common recurring theme. I also just Google the area I am going and cooking classes.

On my recent trips, I went on two cooking classes and they helped me discover a lot about things that I like, things I thought I liked and things I hate :). I always find it a great trip of discovery of how different food tastes not only in different countries but in towns and restaurants. Also, I am sure like me you have gone to a Thai or Chinese or Ethiopian restaurant and thought you had a good idea of what the food might be like in that country. Then you get to that country and bam it is totally different.


It is great to find out the different techniques used to make sometimes very similar dishes but with very different flavors. You can see the different types of equipment used and how it might be used.  I have learned so many tips and tricks by going to cooking classes. I have also learned a lot about different cultures or why houses are set up the way they are. Foods that are ceremonial and foods that are everyday foods, foods for good days, food for bad days. Food is one of the things that unites us all which is why I love it so much :)


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