Digital Nomads are also overseas workers


Photo Credit to Steven Zwerink

I am a part of some digital nomad groups and I am continually frustrated by the attitude of other people in these groups that speak negatively about outsourcing positions to overseas workers. What digital nomads fail to realize is that they are also overseas workers.

Digital nomads are people who use telecommunication technologies to earn their living – computers, mobile phones, the Internet, etc. Some of them travel a lot, but others simply work from home, having a job that allows them to keep to themselves. The name comes from the nomadic way that they live their lives, due to this lifestyle, and it’s becoming increasingly common as employers realise how cost effective this method of employee can be – rather than paying for the overhead costs of having people work in their office. In fact, it is now so common that Future Presentations believes that there will be one million digital nomads by 2035.

The benefits of using a digital nomad to work for you include:
• Affordability – the work will often be completed much cheaper than if you hire traditional staff.
• Flexibility – no freelancers work on a 9 to 5 basis, which means that they will be much more available when you need them.
• Immediacy – since digital staff are paid by job, there is no reason to make it last any longer than it needs to, so they will get the job done right away… after all, they want to be paid for it.
• Experience – anyone who works for themselves will have a lot of experience in many different areas, which can work to your advantage.
• Independence – you won’t need to spend time and money training someone who will only be working for you on a contractual basis, and even if you do it can be done via the Internet – saving you even more money in the long run.
However, it is important not to downplay outsourcing to these digital nomads in low cost countries, such as China and India, if it’s something that you’re considering doing yourself. There are some hidden costs that you really should be aware of:
• The cost of creating a strategy – you will need to make an effective plan with the company or nomad that you’re outsourcing with to ensure that everything goes to plan, and this can take some time and man power to set up and manage.
• The cost of subpar work – there is no guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you want, and this can be costly to fix. You may even end up having to get someone else to come in to complete the job for you.
• The cost of all the paperwork – you may need to get special licences and legal documents, depending on what your business does. This is essential to try and prevent any risks from affecting the entire flow of your business.

All of the things listed above are the same if you hire in person as well.
As long as you do your research, and you’re aware of everything that you will need in place, hiring a digital nomad can be a very positive thing for you, but it’s very important to be fully in the know. There are obvious pros and cons, and it’s important to weigh them up with your own situation in mind.


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