Don’t be that person!

There is a reason why my carry on is only a backpack. I am short and the thought of having to lift a 12-16kg case above my head to try and get it into a space that I can’t really reach without damaging myself or someone else is not a risk I am willing to take. I do understand however that airlines can lose your  luggage and if you are in a hurry just being able to grab your case and go, can save you a bunch of time.

Today I happened to be on a 767-300 which is an ok plane if your carry-on is a backpack but if your carry on is a standard sized 22 inch carry on rollerboard then you are going to come into some problems. Mainly due to the fact that you have to put your luggage sideways into the bin as the bins are shallow. A gentleman across from me did this with his bag the only problem being that not only did it stick out but it kept on moving


Two or three times it would inch further and further out of the bin. Instead of putting it in the bin and closing the bin as it was full he just left it there. Then someone else closed the bin but with great difficulty as the top of his bag needed to be pushed down to close the bin and let’s be honest who is that tall to have enough leverage to pull down the bag and push up the bin! Then guess what the bin was opened again by the owner of the suitcase because he had to dig around in it for something he had forgotten. (pro tip get your stuff out in advance of boarding the plane). He then proceeded to leave the bin open a second time which is when I ended up taking this photo as I though it might eventually end up on someone’s head. At this point. the cabin crew came and closed the bin before I could tell the owner anything.

Please be careful when you are putting up your luggage and be considerate of others.



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