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How I Pick my Seat on a Plane

Seat Map from Seat Guru

I love to travel. I am not yet over the excitement of looking out of an airport window at the giant engineering feat of a plane I am going to board which will take me to another place as well as enable me to time travel. However most of the time this is because I have done some prep work in advance and part of this prep work is picking my seat in advance. In general, I travel alone and so I have to think about where I will sit and how this can aid or hamper my enjoyment of a flight.
Under no circumstances do I like a middle seat! In fact when I am looking to book a flight I will look at the seat availability before I book. If there is nothing but middle seats I will look for a different flight. I hate the middle seat, I could go on and on about reasons why I hate the middle seat, but I am sure you know most of the reasons already

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If my flight is going to be less than 3 hours and an early morning flight I generally prefer a window. I can take photos and catch a nap without ending up leaning on anyone. However, all bets are off if I have a connection to make unless I can get a window near the front of the plane. There was a time when I did have a window seat and a connection only to have someone who needed help on and off the aircraft end up sitting next to me. I did not miss my connection, but it did stress me out having to wait for everyone else to get off the plane.

If my flight is over 3 hours I will opt for an aisle seat but not just any aisle seat as some planes have the housing for the entertainment system which can take up to a third of your leg room. Also, if you are on a flight where you have to pay for food it is better to be up front so you can make sure you get your first choice. Plus I hate tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers which is more or less in every type of food on a plane.

Another thing I do if I have a couple of flights in a row I try and pick the same seat. I am not really sure why this is but I find it comforting.

One thing I don’t understand is why a lot of people love bulkhead seats. It could be because I am not that tall, but what really gets me is the fact that you have no space in front of you to put your belongings. They have to be stowed for landing and take off. Which I guess is ok but I have been on some flights where the seatbelt sign stays on for a long time after take off and you are left twiddling your thumbs especially as if there is a bulkhead pocket it normally can’t hold my bottle of water and a book. Not only that I find that the storage above the bulkhead is normally kept for life-saving equipment and other things the crew might need so I end up a couple of rows away from my luggage and trying to swim up-stream on a plane when people are trying to get off is never fun. Also as I found out a few weeks ago not all overhead storage bins are the same size either.

I normally use seat guru to check out the aircraft beforehand and help me with my seat selection as not all seats are created equal. Plus there are comments and photos from other travelers to help you out.

What method do you use to pick your seat?


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