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How working in a co-working space can make digital nomads feel at home

coworking spaceBeing a digital nomad can be difficult, but being a digital nomad entrepreneur can be even tougher. Part of being able to feel at home quickly is having the ability to create a network. One way of doing this is by working in a co-working space like Retro spot. Here are some reasons why co-working spaces can help you to adjust to being in a new country, which in turn will help your business


At most co-working spaces there is a sense of community and once you join the community you are added to a network of people. You will then have more contacts and a greater feeling of belonging. Also, your service/product can be of help to those in the space and they can tell others about the great services that you provided.


There will be loads of talented people who will be working around you. Some of them will be a part of ventures that will take off and some will be a part of ventures that will fail. They will all have skills and at some point you may need someone with the skills they have, and what is better than working with someone who you know and have seen work?!


Most co-working spaces also host event/classes/workshops and if you are a member you normally get to join for free or at a reduced price. Not only can you learn something new but you can meet new people with shared interests. You could also give back to the community and offer to teach something you have knowledge of that others do not.


In the co-working space will be people who know the ins and outs of trying to start a business, how to get funding, which organizations can help with what and a whole host of other information that is priceless and hard to find anywhere else. You can even locate a mentor.

These are just a few of the many reasons digital nomads should join co-working spaces.


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