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Nail Clipping is Not a Social Activity

Photo from Qlogic

Photo from Qlogic

I know that a lot of cultures a different and do things in different places but one thing that still blows my mind is how people can clip their nails in public. I have had it happen on a bus, at the office and then to top it all of a few weeks ago in an airport!

I know I am not alone in thinking this should be done in the comfort of your own home. I was in Toronto airport waiting to catch an early morning flight catching up on some work and eating leftovers from the night before when suddenly I heard the sound of nails being clipped.


I looked up and noticed that some people who had been having a conversation close to me also stopped talking and were looking around. The look on their faces was one of pure horror. There was a guy clipping his fingernails over a trash can. Which sounds like it would be ok but we all know that nail clippings never go where you think they are going to go. At one point we could see clippings jumping near a guy who was eating and drinking a coffee (which did not have a lid) The person clipping their nails was blissfully unaware and kept on clipping away.

  • What do you do in a situation like that?
  • Do you plug in your headphones and try and ignore the noise
  • Stare at the person and hope they get the hint
  • Salk up and ask the guy drinking coffee if he is sure he is not getting something extra
  • Or something else?

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