Tales from the field: Timezones

I knew I was going to be traveling a lot over the last part of the year and normally this is a quiet time anyway as lots of businesses slow down for the holidays. I thought I had timed things perfectly as one of my clients was pausing hiring and I was trying to wrap…

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Seat Map from Seat Guru

How I Pick my Seat on a Plane

I love to travel. I am not yet over the excitement of looking out of an airport window at the giant engineering feat of a plane I am going to board which will take me to another place as well as enable me to time travel. However most of the time this is because I…

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Should I Fire My Bad Clients? (short answer, YES!)

Being a digital nomad means it is hard to find that right balance between earning money but not doing stuff you hate. Run а mental checklist on уоur client base rіght nоw. Whо fits іntо thе ‘good’ client list аnd whо falls іntо thе ‘bad’ client list? Іt аll rеаllу depends оn whаt уоu define…

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Taking a breather

I am back at base camp for a while and it has to be said it was strange to be back. It took a couple of days for me to get back into a rhythm. I knew that I had a lot to take care of as I have a busy trip coming up soon…

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Photo from Qlogic

Nail Clipping is Not a Social Activity

I know that a lot of cultures a different and do things in different places but one thing that still blows my mind is how people can clip their nails in public. I have had it happen on a bus, at the office and then to top it all of a few weeks ago in…

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