Don’t be that person!

There is a reason why my carry on is only a backpack. I am short and the thought of having to lift a 12-16kg case above my head to try and get it into a space that I can’t really reach without damaging myself or someone else is not a risk I am willing to…

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Vancouver airport

3 Things you might not know about Vancouver Airport

I like to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Especially when the airport has free wifi. One thing about Vancouver airport is that if you are visiting the USA or are just transiting trough you have to go through immigration there in the airport before you even get on your flight.…

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Round the world with Uber

I first found out about Uber though a friend of mine I was visiting in LA as he uses it all the time. The service level was really high and it seemed like a great idea. I know that people general either love or hate Uber as it strives for world domination. It has only…

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coworking space

How working in a co-working space can make digital nomads feel at home

Being a digital nomad can be difficult, but being a digital nomad entrepreneur can be even tougher. Part of being able to feel at home quickly is having the ability to create a network. One way of doing this is by working in a co-working space like Retro spot. Here are some reasons why co-working…

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great blogs

Great digital nomad blogs

The digital nomadism has its origins in the US, which is also reflected in the English Blog landscape. There are an infinite number of blogs that deal with the issue. Add these to your news reader. LIFEHACKER A permanent fixture among the English lifestyle blogs. Not every post is something for me but there is…

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