Taking a breather

From the sample book of Angie Grace

From the sample book of Angie Grace

I am back at base camp for a while and it has to be said it was strange to be back. It took a couple of days for me to get back into a rhythm. I knew that I had a lot to take care of as I have a busy trip coming up soon (more on that in a few weeks). However, just when I think everything is nailed down something else comes up and I have to change my plans again. These past few weeks have been spent waiting on people to get back to me and obsessively checking the price of tickets while waiting.

My plan while I am back is to catch up on base camp stuff. Check in on some friends and finally sort out my travel plans for the next 3 months. Somewhere in all of that I hope to take a bit of a breather to just chill out, read some books, color and enjoy the awesome weather


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