Top 3 Cities in Thailand for Digital Nomads

Not only is Thailand one of Southeast Asia’s top tourist attractions, it’s also one of the best spots in all of Asia to begin or continue work as a digital nomad. With such diverse locations and towns, almost anyone can find a place that suits all of their living needs and preferences. The following cities may not be much of a surprise but here are the three top ones to head to if you’re looking for the ideal location to set up shop as a digital nomad.

1. Phuket

If you enjoy doing your work while digging your toes into the warm sand and soaking up the hot Thai sun, then Phuket is definitely the place for you. You are almost guaranteed free WIFI at nearly every café, restaurant or accommodation you choose to head to. Though a bit more expensive than that compared to other cities throughout Thailand, if you are diligent enough and keep your eye open, there are always cheap places available for rent. For weekend getaways, head to the dozens of islands just off the coast for even more pristine beaches, scuba diving and soaking up the Thai way of life. There is a reason Phuket is one of the most touristy areas in all of Thailand…it’s absolutely stunning there.

2. Bangkok

For those digital nomads that don’t feel the need to be only steps away from a good beach and want more of a city lifestyle, you may just be brave enough to dive into the hustle and bustle that Bangkok seems to be filled with. From amazing rooftop bars, great public transportation and plenty of things to see and do while not working, Bangkok seems to include everything a city lover is looking for. One of the many benefits is of course living so close to the BTS that there is no need to ever buy or rent a car or motorbike while there.

3. Chiang Mai

The last but certainly far from least is the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. Known in more recent years to be the most populated digital nomad cities in all of Thailand, there are certainly good reasons for heading here yourself. Though not close to any beaches, Chiang Mai offers mountains, malls, markets and of course, some great WIFI nearly everywhere you decide to do some work. Much quieter and less traffic compared to both Phuket and Bangkok, the certain vibe that this city gives off seems to be drawing digital nomads by the dozen.



  • Willy

    Reply Reply July 22, 2015

    I love how Thailand is diverse like this so that you can have the best of all landscapes in one small country. I personally have known scores of people who have gone to Chaing Mai and have reported that it’s amazing. There’s also a huge culture of digital nomads there.

  • James Quinn

    Reply Reply July 31, 2015

    There is so much to do in Thailand it is crazy. When I was there 5 years ago, I did so much during the day that I could barely handle the nightlife in that place. Just crazy, especially in Bangkok.

  • Connor McDonald

    Reply Reply August 3, 2015

    Been to Bangkok! What a crazy city and most of it does not even wake up until the sun goes down. So much to see and do, it is a great vacation place!

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