Warnings about Working in Coffee Shops

Yes, yes I know it is a picture of tea but I don’t drink coffee!

We have all done it. Booked a place to stay and discovered that the internet is not what you need it to be so in desperation you go to the nearest coffee shop to have a meeting or to get work done. In fact, this happened to me this week. The place I booked was awesome in every way except the internet SUCKED. As in I could not open more than two tabs without it taking 5 mins to open anything.

However in the 20 minutes, I have been sitting here I have observed the following

  • I person looking over the shoulder of another person to read what they have on their screen. And they were not being shy about it
  • A person using the reflection of the window to try and see what someone was working on
  • someone took 5 or so minutes to set up their laptop, with a fan, headphones and power. Only to then go and leave it while they went to the bathroom.
  • Yet another person having a very loud skype conversation about what sounded like important facts and figures about a start up along with the “new idea”
  • And last but not least someone logging into their back account information.


I am sure none of these people thought anything bad could happen but they really did not seem to be thinking about privacy, safety and other people in the venue.

Here are some things I recommend that you do

  • ALWAYS use a VPN you never know who is out there looking for your information
  • Get a privacy filter for your machine this way less people can see what you are doing
  • Alternatively, sit with your back to a wall
  • Only do certain types of work in a coffee shop (less sensitive)
  • Be aware of loud you are speaking when you have headphones on
  • NEVER leave your stuff out and screen unlocked while you go to the bathroom

Happy working!


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