You won’t guess which airport I like sleeping in…

I have reached the stage in my travels where it is not often that I actively make the choice to sleep in an airport. Airports can have bad or no wifi, nothing is open and sometimes they can be a bit creepy. However, on a trip back from Aisa this time I decided I wanted to have an overnight airport layover. This was due to the fact the layover was at ICN (Incheon International Airport). Don’t be confused when you Google it and the first page that comes up is not that great. You have to go here, for the official site.

Most airports you are lucky if you don’t get kicked out at night or have one place open where you can get something to eat after 10 pm. ICN takes things to a whole new level. Yes, they have a slightly pricey transit hotel you can stay at so you have your own room, shower, etc. But there are other awesome options. Upstairs close to the transit hotel there is a section with lounge type seats that are loungy enough to sleep on. They are sub-divided into sections for people who are alone, with a friend or family.


Not only that they give out free blankets, books and tablets!!


Oh and did I mention the free showers


There is lots of seating available, lots places to plug in your electronics, great wifi


All the things I mentioned are great if you are staying overnight, but what about during the day. Well ICN has that covered too. You have a choice of mini trips you can go on to see some of the country for free or even get a health check up for a cost!




So what are you waiting for come and sleep here on your next layover in Asia.


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