I’ve worked with technology for over 30 years.  From programming to managing groups of both technical and sales people at large technology companies, I’ve consider myself fortunate to have experienced a lot, and, hopefully, learned a lot, which is what I’d like to share with you.  

What’s interested me the most over the last few years was finding ethical and legitimate strategies to help good people generate passive income online without tying them down to a given location. Where you’re the boss, working anywhere and anytime that suits you… a true Digital Nomad.

The journey to find true gems in Internet Marketing is unfortunately fraught with plenty of hucksters pitching various types of bad software and/or poor training and advice.  I’ll try my best to cut through the haze to present you with items that I consider worthy of your consideration.  And I’ll also let you know when something doesn’t deserve your valuable time.  

In short, I’ll always look to provide you with the best internet marketing tools and programs that will help you take your online business journey to another level while also sharing my own personal secrets and strategies on how I personally make money online.

 Wishing you the best of success, always!

 Frank Battiston